Scholarships for Livestock and Poultry Farmers

As funding allows, FACT will award scholarships of up to $400 for livestock and poultry farmers to attend conferences and training events to learn humane animal management practices. FACT is currently accepting applications for scholarships to conferences proposed by individual farmers on their application.  

  • Other conferences - If you would like to attend a conference or event that is not listed above, please suggest it on your application. FACT staff members will review proposed conferences on a case by case basis and approve those deemed eligible. Events must include an animal management component to be eligible.

**Please note: scholarships are no longer available for the 2019 CFSA Sustainable Agriculture Conference or the 2019 Carolina Meat Conference **

How do I apply? Farmers seeking a scholarship should complete FACT’s online application requesting up to $400 for reimbursement of registration fees. FACT will not reimburse for conference meals, lodging, transportation, membership fees, or pre-conference workshops that are not related to livestock or poultry production.

Once we receive your application, we will review it for eligibility. If accepted, we will ask you to provide proof of conference registration in the form of your registration email or credit card receipt with 24 hours of acceptance. Once we have your proof of registration, we will issue you a check to reimburse registration fees.

Who is eligible for a scholarship? Current livestock and poultry farmers who reside in the U.S. and express an intention to learn about humane animal husbandry methods are eligible. Farmers must own or be employed by a farm that raises livestock (ruminants, swine) and/or poultry. Farmers who received a scholarship within the past year are not eligible for a scholarship in 2019 due to limited funds. FACT is only able to award one scholarship per farm/household. Proposed training workshops and events must include a component on animal management practices related to ruminant, swine and/or poultry production to be eligible. Events focused on aquaculture or beekeeping are not eligible.

How will decisions be made? Scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to eligible farmers until funding is depleted.

What are the expectations for scholarship recipients at the conference? All conference scholarship recipients are expected to attend at least two workshops related directly to humane animal management practices. Those attending a workshop or training event are expected to attend the entire session.

What are the expectations for scholarship recipients after the conference? Within 14 days of attending the conference, scholarship recipients are expected to complete a short report form about their experience at the conference. If you have photos of your farm or animals that you would like to share with us, we would love to promote your farm and scholarship experience. Scholarship recipients will also be added to FACT’s farmer email list.

What if I receive a scholarship, but can’t attend the conference? If a scholarship recipient does not attend the conference for which they received a scholarship, all scholarship funds must immediately be returned to FACT in the form of a check. Please note, FACT coordinates with conference organizers to verify attendance.

Scholarship recipients who do not adhere to the requirements above will be barred from applying for future funding from FACT.