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Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) promotes the safe and humane production of meat, milk, and eggs, and envisions that all food-producing animals will be raised in a healthy and humane manner so that everyone will have access to safe and humanely-produced food in communities across the country.

Do you want the food you eat to be safer and healthier? Please learn more about our Food Safety Program.

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Your voice is important. Visit our Action Center to learn how you can make your voice heard on important issues ranging from the overuse of antibiotics in industrial agriculture to foodborne toxins, as well as farm animal welfare. You may also sign up for our ongoing Action Alerts.

All photography courtesy of past and present farmer grant and scholarship recipients including 1der Acres Farm, Apple Creek Farm, Apple Ridge Farm, Bright Ide Acres, Bratsett Family Farm, Catalpa Grove Farm, Franny's Farm, Good Life Ranch, Highland Spring Farm, Kingbird Ranch, Lincoln Creek Ranch, Misty Brook Farm, Root Down Farm, Shannon Brook Farm, YKer Acres, Walker Farm on Whortleberry Hill, and Walnut Hollow Farm.

We appreciate the hard work of all of our farmers that we have partnered with.