Guides to Humane Restaurants

To take the guesswork out of where to eat, we called around and asked restaurants about their practices. FACT offers Humane Restaurants Guides for the Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles areas, featuring a list of restaurants that were open to speaking with us about their commitment to serving humane food.

The lists are intended to empower consumers to pick which practices are right for them, and includes everything from vegan spots to bakeries that use humane eggs. Know a restaurant that should be on our list? Tell us about it below.



How a restaurant sources its food--much like at the grocery store--can seem impossible to determine. However, more restaurants are realizing that consumers like you expect to know where the food came from prior to being on your plate.

Online resources such as the Green Restaurant Association, the Eat Well Guide, and Local Harvest can help you determine what local restaurants are using food that is humane, sustainable, or organic. 

You can also always call or email ahead of time and ask about the restaurant's sourcing.  Once at the restaurant, you can ask your server about their food.

Questions we like to ask include:

1. Do you serve any food that is humane certified? 

2. Do you source any of your ingredients from local farmers? 

3. What does your restaurant do to be sustainable/humane/support farmers?  

Reviewing a restaurant's practices may assist you in making humane choices when you eat out, especially if the restaurant sources ingredients with certifications that you can research. (Please review what food labels and their related certifications that FACT recommends).

Know of a restaurant that should be on our list? Contact us about it.

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