FACT believes that all farm animals should be granted adequate space, access to the outdoors, clean water and air, the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and safe feed.

FACT’s Humane Farming Program encourages farmers to use humane practices that improve farm animal welfare and the public to support humane farms. Our Humane Farming Program is designed to increase the number of farm animals being humanely raised in communities nationwide through:

1. Fund-a-Farmer Project: FACT provides grants up to $2,500 to family farmers for projects that enable them to transition to--or make improvements to--pasture for their animals, thereby improving the welfare of their animals. In the 2017 grant cycle, the Fund-a-Farmer Project offered two distinct grant categories, one centered on pasture-based farming systems, and the other focused on farm improvements that result in successful animal welfare certification. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) is generously underwriting the Fund-a-Farmer Project’s animal welfare certification grants. Please check back later in 2017 to learn about 2018 grant opportunities.

To be eligible for either type of grant, farms must be working, independent operations that raise pigs, broiler chickens, laying hens, dairy cows, turkeys, and/or beef cattle. Farmers are encouraged to review all of the grant guidelines.

Meet the Farmers that have received grant funds and have made humane changes to their farms throughout the country, perhaps in a community near you.

In January 2017 FACT awarded 24 grants to farms located in 15 different states with 15 pasture improvement grants and nine animal welfare certification grants. With these new grantees, FACT has now cumulatively awarded 91 grants to deserving family farmers across 27 states, directly impacting more than 66,000 animals since the project’s inception in 2012.

2. Peer-to-Peer Farmer Education Project: FACT facilitates peer-to-peer farmer education and networking in order to increase knowledge and usage of humane farming practices. These education and networking opportunities include:

• Conference Scholarships: Scholarships up to $400 are available to livestock and poultry farmers to cover registration fees at selected farming and sustainable agriculture conferences throughout the United States. Over the past two years more than 67 scholarships to sustainable agriculture conferences have been awarded to family farmers across the country.

• Humane Farming Webinar Series: Implemented in March 2015, FACT has hosted free webinar presentations featuring field experts on a variety of topics, including sustainable poultry breeding, fencing for animals on pasture, and pastured pork production. All past webinars are available for viewing in our Archive.

• FACT moderates the Humane Farming Forum, an online forum for humane livestock and poultry farmers in the United States. Through the forum, FACT facilitates networking, sharing of opportunities, and peer-to-peer education.

Receiving the scholarship was an amazing gift to further my education. I want my focus to be on improving the health and well being of my farm, in return my health and well being will be improved.
— C. Frank Hill, Integrity Farm, 2016 Agricultural Conference Scholarship Recipient

Interested in Fund-a-Farmer and humane farming?

Whether you are a farmer who is interested in learning more about the Fund-a-Farmer Project grant application or you're a consumer who wants to make sure that your food is raised humanely, contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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