Our Humane Farming Program invests in family farmers seeking to raise their animals humanely by providing them with grants, scholarships, and webinars.

Fund-a-Farmer Grants: FACT provides direct grants to family farmers for projects that enable them to improve the welfare of their animals.

FACT has awarded 119 grants to deserving family farmers across 31 states, directly impacting more than 83,000 animals.

Meet the Farmers that have received grant funds and have made humane changes to their farms throughout the country, perhaps in a community near you.

In 2017 the Fund-a-Farmer Project offered two grant categories, one centered on pasture-based farming systems, and the other focused on farm improvements that result in successful animal welfare certification. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) is generously underwriting the Fund-a-Farmer Project’s animal welfare certification grants.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and know that you could be doing better but not having the resources to learn new things keeps you there. I truly believe the knowledge I gained in one week will not only improve the lives of the birds on my farm but it will improve my life, the life of my business partner, the lives of employees, and the community as a whole that we offer products to.
— Haley Rosemond, 2016 Agricultural Conference Scholarship Recipient

As part of our Humane Farming services, FACT provides farmers with the educational opportunities and resources they need to practice humane farming:

Scholarships: FACT offers Conference Scholarships (up to $400) and Workshop Scholarships (up to $100) for farmers to attend workshops, field days, conference and other training events to learn humane animal production methods.

Webinars: Implemented in March 2015, FACT has hosted free webinar presentations featuring field experts on a variety of topics, including sustainable poultry breeding, fencing for animals on pasture, and pastured pork production. All past webinars are available for viewing.

Humane Farming Forum: an online forum for humane livestock and poultry farmers in the United States. Through the forum, FACT facilitates networking, sharing of opportunities, and peer-to-peer education.

You can help directly support humane farmers by becoming an informed consumer.