Ultimately change happens with you, the conscientious and informed consumer.

FACT partners with all of you who value humane, healthy, and safe food so that we may enact change on the local and national levels.

Make humane choices

Read through FACT's Humane Choices guide, which highlights brands and food products commonly available that are committed to the humane treatment of farm animals. Feel free to print out and take with you when you go to the grocery store! Please also learn more about the many ways you can incorporate humane decision-making in all your food choices, whether at the grocery store, farmers' market, or a restaurant near you.


Know your labels

"Green-washing" and "humane-washing" are issues directly impacting consumers who wish to support humane and ecologically sound food products through their shopping decisions. FACT is pleased to provide you with our recommendations on food labels that are independently verified by third parties, and truly reflect a humane product.


Learn about antibiotics in your food

Annually FACT and affiliated partners create and publish the Chain Reaction report, which outlines the antibiotic usage policies maintained by fast food restaurants and their supply chains. We encourage you to learn about antibiotic usage in meat production that threaten the risk of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs."


Read about FACT's Humane Principles

What does humane farming actually mean? "Humane farming" may seem like a vague or loosely defined term, but FACT maintains a set of strict beliefs and standards on how we define humane farming. We specify for each species of farm animal what they need in order to be raised with a high standard of welfare.

We are pleased to provide an array of resources to help you make informed food choices.

Please review our overview documents, handouts, and previous newsletters, which often feature information on food labels, corporate antibiotic policies, and meat and egg industry information.

Overviews and Handouts

FACT Overview and Ways to be a Conscientious Consumer

Fund-a-Farmer Project Overview and Humane Buying Guide

Food Safety Program Overview and Antibiotics in Food Explainer


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Summer 2016 FACT ACTS

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Program Publications

2016 Chain Reaction II Report: Report on Fast Food Company Antibiotic Policies, released September 2016

2015 Chain Reaction Report: Report on Fast Food Company Antibiotic Policies, released September 2015

Label Recommendations: Learn about the many food labels out there and which ones FACT approves and recommends

Humane Choices Guide: Review the companies and products that are readily available that are committed to the humane treatment of farm animals.

Stuffed: The Use of Antibiotics and Other Drugs in the U.S. Turkey Industry, released November 2015

Have questions about humane and healthy food? Contact us so that we may help you navigate through the grocery isle and restaurant menu.

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