As FACT's programs operate nationwide, so does our Board of Directors. FACT is headquartered in Chicago, though our leadership spans the country.


Board Officers

Chair: Ms. Robin Fitelson, Retired Attorney; New York City

Vice Chair: Ms. Jill Weinstein, Retired Financial Information Specialist; New York City

Treasurer: Ms. Tina Salandra, CPA, Principal, Numerical LLC; New York City

Secretary: Ms. Darlene Oliver, Public Relations Professional; Pittsburgh, PA


Mr. Sean Crowley, Media Relations Director, Compassion & Choices; Washington D.C.

Mr. Adam Leff, Investor; Beverly Hills, CA

Ms. Kirsten Jurcek, Farmer, Brattset Family Farm, and Regenerative Grazing Expert; Jefferson, WI

Ms. Laura Rogers, Deputy Director, Antibiotic Resistance Action Center at the George Washington University; Washington D.C.

Ms. Gail Tibensky, Retired Chicago Public Schools Educator; Wayne, IL